Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that you might want to know before contacting me .

Are you a Pro Domme and how long you been in the scene ?

Yes, I am a Pro Domme and I’ve been providing BDSM services since 2010.

Where are you based ?

I am based in Central London, the nearest underground station is Baker Street, just 3 minutes walking distance ( I am right behind Marylebone High Street ) Check the map location page on this site to see the full address.

Do you have a fully equipped dungeon ?

Yes, definitely. I am a goddess and I have lots of followers spoiling me and making my life enjoyable and easy. Pamper me and pay my bills send me to my Business Barclays account XXXPRODUCTIONS sort code 20-74-XX Acc number 13813XXX / International acc ) or send me funds to my BITCOIN address : 3BF16suk6TpW58XDAJ6jZanCqyo1vkDXXX

Do you open on Xmas – Easter or bank holidays ?

Yes, I usually open on Xmas – Easter and most of the bank holidays.

Can I book an appointment from a land line – phone box or email ?

Not, I request that every client call from a mobile phone where can be reached at any time in case of any of us being late or having to cancel the booking.

Can I send you a text message to inquire ?

Not, simply I don’t like text messages. Don’t waste my time because I will block your number.

Do you required a deposit payment for the booking ?

Not, I don’t need a deposit payment. You can just book a same day appointment over the phone and pay full amount in cash upon arrival.

Can I book an appointment a few days in advance ?

Yes, you can book the appointment in advance and I will request half upfront payment.

Can I pay by credit card ?

Yes, I take credit card payments with a portable terminal Barclays Anywhere, make sure to discuss the prices as it might vary from my special offers.

I have arrived earlier for my appointment, can you see me now ?

Not, if you have arrived earlier then you wait as I might be busy or getting ready for our meeting. If you are going to be late then you must call as soon as you can because I might have to move other appointments to fit you in. If you are late and you don’t let me know it could happen that I cancel you and I block your number as I consider a lack of respect and that you are a time waster. I have zero tolerance for time wasters !

Do you session with dominant or switch men ?

Yes, I session with submissive – switch or dominant males, however when you session with me I want to make clear that I like to be treated with respect knowing that I am the one in charge for the entire session, which is the main reason for you to spend time with me. I have zero tolerance for harassment or inappropriate comments, and if that is the case the session will be terminated and you will be asked to leave – and if it is necessary I will call 999 and request to the police to remove you from my premises.

Do you see beginners ?

Yes, I see beginners, advanced and very experienced BDSM and ABDL role players. Please make sure that you know what services do you want to try and the duration and time of arrival when you book your appointment.

Accordion Panel

Yes, I offer sensual domination – tie n tease and all sort of mild domination.

Do you protect your toys with condoms ?

Yes, all toys will be protected with condoms to avoid contagions.

Do you wear disposable gloves ?

Yes, I mainly wear disposable gloves to keep my working area the most clean as possible and free of bacteria.

Do you offer extreme domination or corporal punishment ?

Yes, I am highly skilled in all type of domination from mild to extreme, and any type of corporal punishment. I do not engage in any type of activities that partake bleeding or cut of the skin.

Do you leave permanent marks ?

I don’t leave marks unless you request it. I usually like to know about your limits which will be fully respected.

Are you into financial domination ?

Yes, It is one of my preferred sessions. If you are a financial slave and would like to spoil me, treat me with an Amazon e-voucher send it to Any email or message regarding financial slavery if it is not accompanied of a money voucher will be ignored and blocked, and your details will be shared with other professional Dommes to be aware that you are a delusional time waster.

Do you like to be spoiled ?

Yes, I have a fully equipped dungeon which is set up in my apartment. It comprises of a gyno medical chair, a bondage table, an spanking bench, a toilet chair and I also have a small double bed for those that want to be tied up and teased.

I also have a rubber inflatable body bag by Studio GumBs3 and a heavy leather body bag for mummification by Fetters.

Coming soon : inflatable Latex Suit GA 5 by Studio Gum and a BDSM Bondage bed by Style Fetish.

How many times can I cum when using the milking machine Venus 2000 ?

You can cum only once, if you want to cum twice I will need to replace the rubber liner and this will cost you extra £20.

Can you visit me at my hotel or travel to my country ?

Yes, I do Hotel visits only ( not private residences ) but only around my area in Central London, and I request my cab – taxi to be paid by you in advance. I will pass you my address and post code and you can book an UBER or Addison Lee taxi. For international travel you must pay half of the amount in advance – my hotel room – flights and taxis or send me money to my Barclays account MVSPRODUCTIONS sort code 20-74-63 Acc 13813150.

Do you session with couples ?

Yes, I do see male and female couples. There is an extra charge for the second person. Please call to discuss and get a quote.

If I come with my female partner to the session can you engage in any sexual activity with her ?

Not, I don’t engage in any sexual activity with females neither males during my sessions, however I can masturbate both of you if it is required.

Can I park my car around your premises ?

Yes, there are plenty of metered car spaces around my house, as well as NCP car parks. Check Map location on my website to find the nearest car parks.

Is your Dungeon within the congestion charge ?

Yes, there is congestion charge.

What type of clothes do you wear for sessions ?

I wear whatever I want, every day I change my outfits depending on my mood, if you are looking for me to wear something in particular, please ask over the phone when you book your appointment. I do charge extra for rubber clothes and high tight boots or special requests.

Do you switch ?

Not, I don’t switch .

Can I drink alcohol while sessioning with you ?

If you arrive sober and you bring your own drinks YES, however if you arrive intoxicated and you behave stupidly I might turn down the session and you won’t even enter my premises. If you drink moderated and you are respectful at all the time it won’t be a problem. I don’t drink alcohol then you will be drinking on your own.

Which days are you available for sessions ?

I am available 7 days a week from 10am till late, however my last appointment is at 2pm. If you are thinking to have a late night session you must arrive before 10pm and my rates for night after 10pm may vary.

Can I book a session out of your working hours ?

Yes, you can book time with me out of my working hours, ve aware that I will request half of the money upfront to avoid wasting my time.

How can I book an appointment ?

The best way to contact me is by phone call, I always like to discuss the sessions over a telephone call. I don’t like text messages neither Whatsapp . If you are constantly sending me sms or text messages I will block your number.

Do you offer same day appointment ?

Yes, I am a full time dominatrix and you can call for last minute booking 7 days a week.

Do you open on Saturday and Sunday ?

Yes, I open 7 days a week every month. If you want to book during the weekend please give me 2 hours notice.

Not, I don’t offer any type of fetish blood play or insertion of needles.

Not, I don’t offer any type of fetish blood play or insertion of needles.

Do you offer medical scenarios ?

Yes, I do offer medical and nurse play, but as I am not related to the science of medicine, or to the treatment of illness and injuries, all services provided are based on role play scenarios, fetish and fantasy related to Nurse Patient scenes.

Do you allow the use of Poppers ?

Yes, I only allow the use of poppers under your full responsibility . I am not into Anesthesia Fetish because when realised outside real medical clinic may result in various degrees of harm, or death.

Do you offer strap-on play ?

Yes, I offer strap-on play , make sure you are properly cleaned inside as I don’t like playing with poo.

Do you offer enema play ?

Yes, I provide enema cleanse – enema play fetish and it is £90 extra charge and you have to book at least a 2 hrs session in order to be able to cleanse properly.

Do you offer fisting ?

Yes, I offer fisting and double fisting.

Do you offer shaving fetish play ?

Not, I don’t offer shaving service.

Do you offer smoking fetish ?

Not, I don’t smoke.

Do you offer any type of massage ?

Yes , I offer a range of Massage Services mixed with any BDSM activity listed on my websites.

Do you offer Sissy play ?

Yes, I offer all sorts of Sissy Play, and I have an extended sissy wardrobe with all sizes of clothes – shoes and boots for male to be transformed into a female including full make up transformation.

Do you offer adult baby – diaper lover sessions or adult baby minding ?

Yes, I offer all sorts of Adult Baby and Diaper Lover , as well I like to role play as an adult baby myself.

Do you offer messy nappy play ?

I only allow you to wet – pee your nappies, and I will be happy to change your nappy and wipe off your butt and genitals. But I do not engage in messy nappy play. If you poo – mess your nappy, the session will be terminated and you will be asked to leave my premises with the messy nappy on.

Do you offer foot fetish or trampling sessions ?

Yes, I offer both , my rates starts at £120 for half hour and £160 for 1 hour.

What is your shoe size ?

I am a UK number 4 or EU36.

Do you offer half hour sessions ?

Yes, I do offer 30 minutes appointment starting at £120 for some of my services.

Do you offer extended sessions ?

I offer half an hour – 1 hour – 2 hours , as well half extra hour to extend and overnight stay starting from £1000. Check my site that every service has an extended explanation and price. Otherwise call me and I will advice you the right price depending on your request.

Do you sell stockings or worn underwear ?

Yes, I sell my stockings and knickers which can be worn, delivered or collected from my Dungeon. Contact me by phone call.

Are you looking for a permanent or domestic slave ?

Yes, I am always looking a domestic slave only if qualified in IT computer or webmaster. Contact me by phone if you want to inquire.

I think that you have blocked my number, as I can’t get through ?

If this is the case, yes I might have blocked your number. Men that keep calling asking same stupid questions over and over, are usually blocked for ever.

I think I booked once an appointment and I didn’t show up or cancelled on time ?

If you have booked and you didn’t turn up or call in advance letting me know, you will be banned from having a session with me.

Do you offer sexual services ?

Not, I only can offer you a hand relief – happy ending.

Do you offer hand relief in your sessions ?

Yes, happy ending or hand relief is the only gratification you will receive from me.

Do you offer queening or pussy licking ?

Not, I don’t offer any intimate body worship.

Can I lick any parts of your body ?

Not, I don’t allow any body licking, however I enjoy foot worship, then you are allowed to lick and kiss my feet and toes.

Do you offer double Domme sessions ?

Yes, I have a very good friend which is highly skilled in BDSM and we can session with you if you give us 24 hours notice and a deposit payment in case of cancellation as my friend will travel to my place for the engagement.

Do you offer forced bi sessions ?

Yes, I work with a Ladyboy and with a Bi sexual male escort, both are happy to dominate you under my command.

Do you offer Hard Sports – Scat sessions ?

Yes, I do request half payment in advance for Hard Sport – toilet training, and I only do around 8am or 9am every day including weekends. Call to request an app.

Do you offer Water sports ?

Yes, I do offer water-sports and it can be provided on a toilet chair or with a funnel if required.

Do you offer Period play ?

Not, I don’t offer any service that involves playing or being in contact with blood.