BDSM London Dungeon

Mistress Hourglass’s dungeon is a bespoke private BDSM and fetish playroom, fully equipped that splits in two chambers. Our BDSM London dungeon is located in residential area, 5 minutes walk from Baker Street Station in a secure building with 24 hrs CCTV.

1. The Main BDSM room

The main BDSM room comprises of a Gynecological bench with leg stirrups from Style Fetish.

A leather bondage board with leather straps from Style Fetish .

We have an spanking leather bench from SlingKing , another custom made piece which can also be converted to a bench chair and used for OTK – over the knee spanking .

We have a simple leather toilet chair from Style Fetish, which is also another custom made fetish piece for slave toilet training, that can be fitted in any placed around the dungeon.

2. Fetish Clinic – BDSM Medical Chamber

  • Air Conditioned: Dr. Hourglass Fetish Clinic and Kinky Medical facilities in Central London are fully integrated within the Dungeon, set up in a clean, fresh and disinfected atmosphere.
  • Fetish Clinic equipment: Fetish medical genital or anal examinations takes place at the Gynecological leather table – chair. The backrest is designed with six adjustable positions from flat to 90 degrees and a pair of adjustable height leather covered leg stirrups as well as another pair of leg supports that can be hung up from the suspension for internal examination.Leather wrist, ankle restraints, straight jacket, rubber inflatable bag Studio Gum BS3, upside down hand restraints and foot stirrups suspension are also ready for the most undisciplined patients.
  • White Room medical toys: A vintage display glass cabinet is filled of well sanitized medical instruments. It comprises a nice selection of fetish medical toys such as : sounds, speculum, CBT and cock and ball toys, stainless steel chastity belts, weights, cock & ball stretcher and crushers, selection of nipple clamps, pinwheels, cock rings, gags and blindfolds, disposable un-used enema kits, anal rubber cocks and but plugs.

  • Electro medical toys: Magic wands, E- Stim ( electro stimulation box ) with electro toys , electro Penis pump, Venus 2000 milking machine.

  • Hygiene: Dr. Hourglass Fetish Clinic facilities are only for her own private fetish medical consultations, and all the toys and equipment are meticulously sterilized before and after use.


3. London Adult Nursery:

  • Air Conditioned: An Adult Nursery is a fetish playroom for adult baby minding games, where AB’s sit for a few hours or the whole day and to be looked after Adult Nannies or Adult Baby sitters.
  • Nanny Hourglass’s Adult Baby nursery is furnished with a double adult baby cot, covered with pink pvc blankets and matching cushions, where babies spend time cuddling with their nanny or being fully restrain.
  • The adult Nursery has all sort of clothing worn by abdl players, from adult baby boys clothes, adult sissy dresses, big size bibs, terry nappies with big pins, lots of baby bottles and NUK5 pacifiers, leather Mary Jane shoes style that fit adults.
  • The adult nursery has a huge collection of plastic outfits for adult babies such as Nanny’s aprons, sissy plastic dresses, plastic bibs, plastic pull ups, pvc body bags, pvc rompers, frilly pants and plastic onesies.

4. Hourglass’s Sissy Boudoir:

  • Air Conditioned:
  • Sissy Boudoir dresses: Mistress Luna has acquired over the last 4 years an amazing collection of made to measure satin and pvc french sissy maid dresses more than 60, with matching aprons – panties and suspender belts that suits male bodies.